Want to host a 2004 Tour night?

This year on a specified Saturday night we will meet at a friend's home for dinner and a double feature. In order to keep costs low the dinner will be organized in a "pot luck" fashion. Once a guest RSVPs then the host will assign a specific food item for them to bring to the dinner. We've found that a buffet style dinner works best since people don't all come at the specified "start time". The host will be responsible for choosing and renting the two movies. This Tour is sort of like the Vic Theater's "Brew and View". Talking during the movies will not be frowned upon since these are old movies that we've all seen a dozen or so times.

Currently this year's Tour consists of 6 hosts. If you are interested in hosting a night we would be happy to add your name to the calendar. If you are concerned about the number of people showing up at your home then simply tell us in advance the total number of RSVPs that you are comfortable with for your night.